Factory Reset Protection Guide - FRP, GMail Lock, Samsung Lock

Factory Reset Protection Guide - FRP, GMail Lock, Samsung Lock

What is FRP?

Factory reset protection, or FRP, is a security feature that Google introduced into their smartphones. When the device is reset without signing out through recovery this sets off the FRP lock. Its purpose is to keep thieves from getting inside your phone, if they do manage to get a hold of it. Every single manufacturer that runs the Android operating system has this feature.

It can, however, be very inconvenient if you forgot your password or if you manage to get your phone back and you can’t get into it. We understand. At IMEI Gurus, we support a majority of the FRP removal for most major OEMs, and our removal is a factory removal, and it is permanent. We also have the best prices and the fastest service.  

What is needed to remove the FRP from my device? 

Factory Reset Protection is one of the easiest and fastest repairs here at IMEI Gurus. If this is the first time you have removed FRP or have had remote service please make sure you follow this short guide below. 

  • You may have to disable 3rd party virus scanners because we will be remotely connecting to your computer. If you have Windows defender you can adjust the settings in security to DEFAULT FIREWALL SETTINGS
  • We recommend that you use the default factory cable that came with the phone or a premium cable like ANKER. In some cases with LG you will need the factory cable 
  • Test out the device first to make sure the charging port is not loose by plugging it into the computer and make sure you can see the device, you can enable USB debugging as well by tapping on the BUILD number in settings under ABOUT PHONE.
  • Make sure your battery is charged, we recommend at least 30% charged..
  • Finally, make sure you're in a quiet area with little or no distraction in case the technician needs to speak with you in chat.

How do I know I need FRP lock removal?

When you try to sign in to the phone you get a message at the Gmail setup screen that says that your device was reset without signing out of the account normally and it will ask you for the account password.  

Factory Reset Protection Guide (FRP, GMail Lock, Samsung

What does FRP removal really remove?

This removes the Google account, Gmail account from your Samsung, LG, ZTE, Motorola, account from your smartphone (Samsung S6 or newer)

What does FRP removal NOT remove?

This does not remove MDM or Mobile Device management, that would be a company device, EDU devices for education. It does not remove your device from the blacklist (please see the IMEI repair service), it also does not remove a lease lock or carrier lock, when you put in a different carrier SIM card the phone locks or asks for a network unlock code (see carrier release/unlock)

Is this removal permanent?

Yes the Google lock removal is permanent once you sign back in with another Google account it will be locked to the new account if you manage to trip the factory reset protection feature again

Can the previous owner track me?

The previous owner of a device cannot track you once the FRP feature has been disabled or removed.

Can I get a refund?

In the unusual circumstance if it does not work: If you purchased in FRP removal and you read the terms and conditions and it does not work we will refund your money immediately

How long does it take?

We can remove the FRP lock very fast, typically within a few minutes after connecting with USB redirector. If this is the first time you are removing an FRP or getting a service done with us, it may be a little bit slower because this is your first time and you were following instructions on installing software so we can remotely connect to the device. 

What is the difference between a bypass and IMEI Gurus Permanent Removal?

Bypasses are not guaranteed to work and can take a long time, because you were escalating from one area of the phone into the other to remove it. Our factory reset protection/FRP solution will permanently remove the Google account from that device. 

I am a dealer, and I have a lot of phones. Can you help me?

You came to the right place. We have an FRP removal tool where you can purchase a package of credits that will save you time and money.

Is FRP Removal the same as iCloud Removal? 

FRP is not iCloud. They are two totally different operating systems. If you require an iCloud removal there may be a solution for you; however they are usually dependent on the iOS version that you have on the device and whether or not lost mode has been tripped. Please see our live chat. 

Does this damage the phone?

FRP removal is exactly like a factory removal. No combination files are flashed, no files are flashed to the device.

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