What is NEW KEYD & BIT version?

Stoney Lawson

You may be seeing the phrases new KEY ID and bit version 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and so on, and this may seem confusing, rest assured we'll help you understand it here!

Let's start out with the easiest one to explain and that's the bit version of the device. The bit version is essentially the baseband firmware version, this is normally the same as the software version in most cases.

Below is an example of the software about screen containing the "Baseband" version, the bit number is Squared in red

What is NEW KEYD & BIT version?


This change was implemented recently, making it harder to complete jobs, but not impossible! We work diligently to solve the newer android version basebands and some things do take time.

If you are ever unsure of which android version bit is supported, we would love to assist you on our live chat as we are always here to help!

Click on the lower right corner of this article where it says "Live Chat: Welcome to IMEI Gurus" to get quick and easy help finding your baseband version!

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