Why should YOU choose IMEI Gurus?

Stoney Lawson

As a dealer you may ask yourself "Why should I choose IMEI Gurus for my service provider". We understand the need to ask this question, so we're going to tell you why using us is the right decision.

At IMEI Gurus we pride ourselves on the ease of use to perform each and every one of our services.

Here’s a few examples of just how easy we are to use.

  • Hire new employees with 0 training, we do it all.
  • Our software and instructions to connect with one of our technicians is seamless and transparent.
  • Supported models and carriers are listed on our sites.
  • The reseller site used for code based and iPhone unlocks is based on service IDs that never change, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for and to return back to it!
  • If a service cannot be completed we will issue a full refund, we will never take your money without the service being completed.
  • A wallet system to add cash to for your employees to use makes it even easier for you to not be at the store, your employee won’t need your credit card to complete orders.
  • Order history is stored in your account making it easier to fall back on a previous order should an issue arise. 
  • Live chat is readily available to assist you during your busiest business hours.

Don’t spend hours trying to find solutions to a simple problem that can be fixed within minutes using one of our services, we understand your time is valuable and not expendable.

Samsung FRP is a very easy service to get done, but some providers take hours, even days to complete, not at IMEI Gurus. Samsung and LG FRP is done within minutes, sometimes so fast you’ll wonder if it was ever actually FRP locked. FRP unlock services are aslo available for other manufacturers such as ZTE, Motorola and many others.

We offer carrier unlocks also referred to as a “carrier release”. This is a service for unlocking the device to take from one carrier to another such as from Verizon to ATT, or Sprint to T-Mobile. 
This service is not to be confused with an IMEI repair which would change your device’s IMEI to remove it from a blacklist for unpaid bills, etc.
Some carrier unlocks are code or server based, such as iPhones or 

Last but not least of the services we offer is Blacklist Removal. There are two types of Blacklist Removal: IMEI REPAIR, and Unbarring.

Unbarring is a service we offer on www.imeigurusreseller.com, with this service you can retain the original IMEI. The balance of the account is never removed from the device, so it may blacklist again in the future due to the balance owed.

IMEI Repair is a service offered to completely change the IMEI of the device to reflect an entirely new one. The balance left on the original IMEI will in no way affect the new one, allowing you to use the device or sell it without the fear of a return. In most cases this service also includes a carrier unlock. 

Scared of sending money to unknown sources? Other sources asking for you to send skrill, or some other sketchy means of payment? not at IMEI Gurus.
We utilize the most secure payment gateways in the industry including: Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Shop Pay. We can also accept payments via CashApp.

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