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IMEI Repair Service

Are you having problems with your phone because of a bad IMEI?

Do you want to use your phone with any GSM carrier without a sim lock?

If so, then you need our IMEI repair service!

We use special methods to quickly and efficiently repair the device, providing a permanent solution in just one click.

Here are the benefits of our IMEI repair service:

  • Permanent fix for your phone, this means that flashing firmware or hard resetting doesn't affect the phones repair or unlock
  • Ability to use your phone with any GSM carrier without a sim lock
  • No more carrier restrictions once the IMEI is written and the phone is unlocked.

How it works:

  1. Place your order and provide us with your order id on live chat
  2. We will remotely repair your phone's IMEI.
  3. Once the repair process is complete, you can use your phone with any GSM carrier.

Get started today and repair your phone's bad IMEI!

Here are some additional things to note:

  • Fast and easy: Our service is done remotely, so you don't have to send us your phone.
  • Secure: We use the latest security methods to protect your data, no direct access to your pc is required!
  • Affordable: Extremely competitive pricing.

Customer Reviews

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Alex Robles
Very good service

fast and easy service highly reliable

19500 22000