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Payment FAQ

We have made the move to disable Paypal for our IMEI & Unlock portal, with this decision we realize there will be challenges ahead.
This FAQ page is to help facilitate your needs and improve on your experience!

We are now using a payment processor known as backed by a top tier US Bank. At the bottom of the page is our seal of approval, you can click that seal and verify our status at any time!


Q. The charge shows on my bank statement, but I was not issued an order ID. What is the problem?
A. The issue is that your account address information is incorrect and does not match the card information, please correct it here. The declined charge is only an authorization and will drop off.
Q. How long do refunds take?
A. 3-5 Business days after the transaction is voided.
Q. I purchased the wrong product, what do I do? 
A. Visit live chat immediately and inform us so we can void the transaction and you can reorder the correct product. (processing time of 3-5 days does apply to the release of the authorization)