How to unlock a Verizon Phone To Use On Another Network

Stoney Lawson

If you're here looking at this page, odds are you have a Verizon phone you're looking to take to another network. you may be looking to switch to another carrier for any reason price, service, network roaming, etc.

In this article we'll explain to you the many types of unlocks and their pros and cons respectively. 


The first of these unlocks is a Carrier Provided Factory Unlock
This unlock is provided by your network, in this case Verizon. In most cases this unlock will not be available. We'll explain in the pros & cons below.


  • Provided by the original carrier of the device.
  • No USB cable or Computer required for the unlock.
  • No trust required of a 3rd party source to fulfill your order.


  • Contract fulfillment required.
  • The entire financed cost must be paid in full.
  • Most carriers do not provide this service, even for devices paid in full up-front.

As you can see, this option isn't always viable for every customer, or business!


The second type of unlock is a Server/Code Based Unlock.
This unlock is provided by a 3rd party company such as IMEI Gurus, or any of the other companies listed on google.


  • In most cases your device does not need to be paid off in full to complete. the unlock. (your selected service will tell you what is required).
  • No USB cable or Computer required for the unlock in most cases.
  • Sometimes cheaper than most other methods


  • Time frames of some services may be extended from their original listed times.
  • Limiting terms such as not being on an active blacklist, being within 60 days of activation, etc.
  • Can be extremely expensive depending on the device.

When selecting a 3rd party for Server/Code Based Unlocks it's crucial to do research on the company you've found, search for Google/Facebook or any other form of social media reviews. Check if they have a live chat to answer any and all of your questions.


The third and final way to unlock your device is by USB REMOTE UNLOCKING. In our opinion, this is the fastest and most efficient way to unlock your device in today's fast paced world.


  • In most cases this is an instant process with no wait.
  • Completed in a non-invasive manner that does not involve the technician performing your service to ever see private information.
  • The ability to test your device while on live chat with your technician. 
  • Carrier flipping to change the displayed carrier on your device available in most cases at the time of the process.
  • Completed from the comfort of your own home or office, without ever having to leave.
  • Other services available such as IMEI Blacklist repair, Google FRP account removal, all available at the same time. 
  • Popular manufacturers are supported: LG, Samsung, One Plus, and many more!


  • In some instances this service can cost more than a Server/Code Based Unlock.
  • USB Cable and Windows Computer are required to complete the service.
  • Can be limited by the firmware on your device.

Choosing IMEI Gurus to USB REMOTE UNLOCK your device is not only fast, safe, and efficient, it's the best way to unlock your device.
Trust factor is minimized as we accept your most secure way to pay with Debit/Credit card. 
You have the ability to test your device with your new carrier before ever disconnecting from our technicians so you can be assured your device works with your carrier.

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